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Bobby Vilinsky
River Street Artists
Painting, Drawing, Wire sculpture

My paintings, drawings, and sculpture are consistent in their format and intention. Often processional in imagery, they are an exploration of limb and torso in conflict or disorder, telling a story of repeated execution. Their journey is halting. In horizontal panels or wire sequences, contents appear cramped. clumped, compressed, or incomplete, coming in an assortment of parts, separated, broken, stuck in gesture, struggling to find a relationship, searching for a proper space, Ultimately, they are articles of interrupted experience.

My new drawings come from images of the figure in deep perspective, a difficult point-of-view to master and difficult for the mind to make sense of. Limbs may seem to vanish behind the torso, or not.

And in my repetition of image, getting the result wrong as much as right, comes the dance. Figures in still recline suddenly move to their feet and are in motion, or not.


Mr. Vilinsky is a recipient of the prestigious Fifth Year Traveling Fellowship Award from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Prior to his education at the SMFA, he earned a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He also studied film direction, writing, and analysis at the Orson Welles Film School in Cambridge. His work, in numerous private collections, extends to a variey of media: paint, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture in wood and wire, video, and performance/installation art.

phone: 617 497 5345