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Bryan Papciak
Moody Station
Film, Mixed-media

co-owner of the comercial animation studio, Handcranked Productions, and co-director of the experimental feature project: 'American Ruins'. Also teaches film & animation part time at the Rhode Island School of Design

"I like to work with found places, found history, and found stories via experimental film and mixed-media photography. My artwork is an attempt to explore ideas and alternative histories that hide beneath the surface of an image or a place.I am interested in derelict buildings - structures built by and for people, but left to the wind, ghosts, and incremental decay. I am particularly intrigued by abandoned asylums and hospitals, because institutional dynamics seem to leave a resonant imprint on discarded places. Every layer of paint peeling off of a wall seems to release a memory or a whisper of something buried and forgotten.

My interest in such places expresses itself in various forms:

- Film has an immersive and malleable capacity to subvert familiar perception of time - as well as to reveal rhythms that are embedded in architecture and texture.

- Photography stops time, and preserves the observation of a resonant moment reflected in time.

- My Graphic Novel project is photographed and staged like a movie, but is presented as a collage of stills. It is an intentionally artificial attempt to find ‘tales’ in discarded objects, documents, and places."

web site:, www.
phone: (781) 209-2040