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Elizabeth Michelman
River Street Artists
Sculpture, Video, Installation, Drawing/painting

Professional Biography

I am an interdisciplinary artist exhibiting public and site-responsive installation art, video documentaries and artist’s videos. My range of media includes sculpture, drawing, painting, poetry, video, and installation. Both as an artist and a curator I have organized many site-responsive exhibitions and community participatory projects throughout New England. I have taught and lectured on a range of subjects including exhibitions, 2d/3d design, drawing, sculpture, and interdisciplinary art and installation at Mass College of Art and around New England. My most recent art work is a 30-minute video documentary, Rediscovering “Portal”, with fall 2010 screenings scheduled in Rutland, Vermont, and Brookline and Waltham, Massachusetts.

On view at WMAA Open Studios, Nov. 6/7 2010:


Video Documentary by Elizabeth Michelman

“Portal,” a standing architectural relic on the grounds of an abandoned marble quarry, is more than a mysterious marble object, an historical site, or a compelling work of environmental art; it is the child of a larger interpersonal dialogue involving many artists and curators. Videographer Elizabeth Michelman returns to the site of Sculptfest at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland Vermont over a two-year period to investigate how artists and curators surprise themselves in the planning of site-responsive sculptures for an annual outdoor exhibition. Michelman’s video-reminiscence of an artistic collaboration itself is a “portal in time”. Connecting but also separating the viewer from the original object and moment, the video creates the possibility of “history.” Re-Discovering "Portal” excavates the variety of views on creativity of artists and curators, reflecting a complex vision of how we learn from and imagine both past and future.

Featuring: Elizabeth Michelman and Louise Farrell, sculptors and collaborators: “Portal”

Fran Bull, gallerist/curator: Sculptfest 2009, "Figure and Ground: The Object in Situ” Robert Black, architect/curator: Sculptfest 2010, "Messages From the Future”

B. Amore, founder, The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center

Carol Driscoll, director, The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center

My WMAA website image:

"Vox Clamantis" was a temporary, site-responsive sculptural installation at the Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, in 2003-04. Designed for the winter solstice and responsive to the changes of light, motion, and season, its nine illuminated glass columns rise from a ground of broken Dartmouth-green wine bottles. Compressed within encircling walls of glass, the imposing forms radiate a human presence, mired in place by language. A maze of copper strands weaves words around the glass-block forms, babbling an archetypal plaint: “Ma-ma, Da-da, Da-ma.”

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