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John Langston, RPT
Moody Station
Piano Tuning & Technical Work

Tunewerk Precision Piano is an independent piano shop founded on bringing the principles of modern science/research together with the German foundations of instrument technology.

We offer the frontier in touch and tone services, involving new instrument customization, tuning optimization, and touch/voicing work that is informed by precision instruments, but guided by the artist's hand.

The cornerstone of our work is pure aural tuning. We offer a heavily-researched, proprietary method of tuning that will change the way you hear your instrument. By using optimization techniques, a 15-25% increase in the clarity and power of the instrument is often possible.

Services range from creative, economical solutions for working musicians to the high-end precision of Stanwood Touch Design and beyond. Our approach is guided by a deep knowledge of the instrument to bring a variety of unorthodox tools and techniques, along with traditional methods.

Visit our website to learn more, or e-mail us for a free consultation to see how we can change your acoustic musical experience.

See our thread posts on the Technician's Piano Forums.

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phone: 617.230.0420