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Lucia DeLeiris
Moody Station

Lucia deLeiris has painted landscapes in Europe, the Amazon, the Arctic, and the Antarctic.

She has been awarded three grants by the National Science Foundation to paint in Antarctica under the auspices of the agency's "Antarctic Writers and Artists Program". She lived a total of ten months in Antarctica at science stations and in a remote field camp on the sea ice, producing paintings for exhibition and illustrating books. She was awarded the Antarctic Service Medal by the US Congress for her artistic work in Antarctica.

deLeiris is author of the cover painting and feature article: The Frontier of Survival (Bird Watcher's Digest, April 2000).

Selected solo exhibitions include the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA, Arnold Art Gallery, and Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI.

With a bachelor's degree in zoology, deLeiris continues to pursue her interest in the natural world, often representing it through watercolor, drawing, and oil painting.

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