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Patricia Guzman
River Street Artists

My work stems from my love for life and it reveals the most intimate corners of my existence. Passion and sensibility are the main topographies of my inner self and they can be perceived in each brushstroke. I reveal and dissolve myself in each one of my creations through an intense cathartic experience. As my life has been marked by a merciless episode of wrenching suffering, my art became my ultimate hope of liberation....

I found and restored myself from the ashes of my life 's bitter agony through my art, I found and cherished love and happiness insted of sourness and depression through my art.

The shades of red are not only frequent in my works, but also have a profound significance. Symbolizing love and pain in the same time, red is calid and dark, sweet and intense. Earthy colors are also frequently found on my palette, bringing the temporal dimension of "here and now" to my creations.

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