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Tom Holdcamper
River Street Artists
Assemblage, Painting, Drawing

Tom was born in D.C a post WWII 'baby boomer'whose parents met working for the National Archives in Washington during the war. He was the childhood student of Mrs. Natalie Turkenton of Georgetown, the Corcoran School of Art in his adolescence and RISD BFA graduate in Painting as a young adult. post graduate teaching fellowship in Photography at the Dept.of Agriculture in D.C.

There were numerous work study tours connected with the National Archives traveling around the world and dozens and dozens of part time jobs including his current status as a delivery person for the Via Lago Cafe and Caterer of Lexington, MA.

He has been a member here at the WMAA for 3 years and attempts to use his studio as point of working space as well as a reference from which to assimilate from his own and those of other members, a working vocabulary of visual interpretations as to what it may mean to be an artist, and when is it, that one can actually acknowledge that, or do you ever, really?

Tom lives with his dog Molly and roomates, Aaron and Perry in Waltham.

Cell phone: 518-542-4944

Home phone: 781-891-1794